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Welcome to the official page of my latest project on!

I am delighted to take you on a creative journey that begins with the impressive construction of the Arta'a building in Aalter and extends into a world of artistic exploration. My ambition is to capture the essence of the Arta'a building and transform it into works of art that reflect its soul. It is a continuous stream of inspiration and creativity that gradually unfolds. And that takes some time… What you can discover on this page  is a work in progress.

The final unveiling of my completed creations is scheduled for spring 2024. 

But why wait so long? As a glimpse of what is to come, I invite you to get acquainted with two realizations that will be on display during the annual September exhibition of our art organization Altra.

Villa Snoeck, Stationsstraat 69 Aalter

zondag 17-09-2023 -> 10.00 u. -12.00 u. & 15.00 u.-19.00 u.

woensdag 20-09-2023 -> 10.00 u. - 19.00 u.

zondag 24-09-2023 -> 10.00 u. -12.00 u. & 15.00 u. -19.00 u.

Where it starts.
How it grows.

How ArtA'A stole my heart. 

Our art center is a sanctuary of positivity, where each moment becomes a cherished memory. Here, vibrant experiences take root, becoming an inseparable part of your journey.

This is where melodies are born and instruments come alive. From the very first notes played, a musical journey unfolds, transforming into breathtaking melodies that resonate through time. It's a place where individuals embark on a lifelong adventure with their chosen instruments, discovering the joy of music that will accompany them for years to come.

Within these walls, artists unite, creating harmony in every form. Singers, musicians, dancers, and actors converge in countless rehearsals, pooling their passion and talent to craft performances that leave audiences captivated. The stage becomes a canvas for shared expression, where art takes flight and stories come to life.

Our library defies convention, embracing the essence of modern knowledge and exploration. Far from the clichéd image of dust-covered tomes, our library is a dynamic hub of discovery, a realm where answers to the needs of our time reside. A fusion of digital frontiers and traditional wisdom, it's a space where endless possibilities unfold. The turning of pages rivals the excitement of scrolling through social media feeds, a testament to the vitality of learning in an ever-evolving world.

This narrative about the art center isn't just crafted for promotional purposes on this website. It's an authentic reflection of my close connection to this creative hub. I want you to know that my involvement goes beyond words. In fact, you can find me in ArtA’A on a weekly basis, immersing myself in the energy, the creativity, and the stories that fill every corner.

Bedraaitrapt met watermerk en bijgeknipt.png
Straatkantse Binnentuin met watermerk en bijgeknipt.png

These are already finished
and there is much more to come...


unique Artprint on dibond 
size 80 x 80 cm
including original sketch

unique Artprint on dibond 
size 80 x 80 cm
including original sketch

Production art prints on dibond at Photo Alltech, Ghent.

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